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1 What is salvation and Discipleship? GEM001
2 Evangelising Women GEM002
3 Evangelising Youths GEM003
4 Crusade Evangelism GEM004
5 Evangelising Children GEM005
6 Evangelising Other Religions GEM006
7 Evangelising in Difficult Places GEM007
8 Evangelising Christian Cults GEM008
9 Spiritual Warfare GEM009
10 Prayer Warfare in Business GEM010
11 Prayer Warfare in Politics GEM011
12 How to Obtain Prayer Victory for Your Family GEM012
13 Evangelism Our Supreme Task GEM013
14 Breaking Negative Habits and forming success habits GEM014
15 Igniting the Fire of True and lasting Revival in Your Life GEM015
16 How to study the Bible + Dynamics of Faith GEM016
17 Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life and Ministry GEM017
18 You and Your Health 1 & 2 GEM018
19 Cultivating The Fruits of the Spirit GEM019
20 Successful Daily Devotion Strategy GEM020
21 Starting a Vibrant Youth Fellowship GEM021
22 Church Planting that Works GEM022
23 School of Marriage GEM023
24 Courtship GEM024
25 Divine Direction GEM025
26 Secrets of Church Growth GEM026
27 Becoming A Loyal Worker and Minister God Can Trust GEM027
28 Dealing with Rebellion and Disloyalty GEM028
29 Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit + 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit GEM029
30 The Art of Prayer and Intercession 1 & 2 GEM030
31 Keys to a Fruitful Christian Life GEM031
32 The Healing Ministry GEM032
33 Fasting with Results GEM033
34 The Deliverance Ministry GEM034
35 Integrity-Based Leadership GEM035
36 12 Golden Laws of Life GEM036
37 12 Golden Laws of Personal Success GEM037
38 Breaking the Habit of Laziness GEM038
39 Visionary, Purpose-Based Leadership GEM039
40 You and Your Pastor GEM040
41 You and Your Parents GEM041
42 Transformational Leadership GEM042
43 Compassion-Based Leadership GEM043
44 Servant Leadership GEM044
45 Developing Character for Lasting Leadership GEM045
46 Price of Leadership GEM046
47 Emotional Intelligence GEM047
48 Leadership Motivation Strategies GEM048
49 Overcoming Limiting Powers in Leadership GEM049
50 Solving difficult and Recurring Leadership Problems GEM050
51 Becoming A Christian Entrepreneur GEM051
52 Business Success principles GEM052
53 ICT and Digital Marketing GEM053
54 Church Music GEM054
55 Why Nations Fail and Leadership Strategies To Ascertain Success GEM055
56 Mentoring and Delegation GEM056
57 You and Politics GEM057
58 Introduction to Missions GEM058
59 House Fellowship That Works GEM059
60 Kingdom Keys for Prosperity GEM060