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John 8:36
36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
If Jesus releases you, you are released indeed.
Release means:
Let somebody go, to let someone go free, after having kept them somewhere [↪ free, discharge]: for example Police arrested several men, who were later released. It also means to stop holding/drop, to stop holding or drop something according to the Longman dictionary.
The Microsoft Encarta dictionary defined release as follows:
1. Let somebody or something go: to set free a person or animal who is imprisoned, trapped, or confined in some way – DT 15:12
2. Stop clutching something: to stop gripping or holding something
3. Let something out: to let out something that has been contained or confined within something or that is pent up or latent inside somebody- SONGS 4:16
4. Free somebody from obligation: to make somebody free of a debt, obligation, promise, or task 2 KINGS 4:1-7
5. Make something available: to make something available, e.g. by putting it on sale, distributing it to the press or public, or allowing access to it.

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